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tv   KTVU Morning News  FOX  February 10, 2015 6:00am-7:01am PST

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good morning. thank you for joining us. tuesday morning february 10th i'm pam cook. >> good morning, i'm brian flores in for dave clark. let's get your day started with weather and traffic. steve paulson. >> i wouldn't go amazing. >> he is listening. >> i know. [ laughter ] we do have a little bit of fog. but really the pattern is turning here as we start to see more sunshine and warmer temps. although the lows have really cooled off by about 10-15 degrees compared to yesterday at this time. that will translate into highs very close to yesterday's raidings. we will see some of these work their way in. mostly sunny. mild to warm. mainly 60s. there will be a few little 70s
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here. a couple high clouds. but over all look at the 40s. yesterday at this time it was mid 50s to 60s. so good sleeping weather. 41. wood side 42. yet 50 at la honda. higher elevations will start to work up. high pressure is beginning to nose in. get a slight offshore push. all we need is warm air aloft. that will start today and 70s by tomorrow. fog cooler on the lows. mostly sunny. 60s on many of these temps. tomorrow whether get a bunch. sal so far i think it's quiet unless something has popped up in the last ten minutes. >> no, we are doing okay out there, steve. thanks for asking. right now the commute is getting busier though because it is 6:00 now. and we have a lot more busy traffic on the east shore freeway. that is where we are starting this one as you come up to the east shore freeway you will see
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traffic that is okay. when you get to the toll plaza, there it is. traffic is going to be not bad here. it is backed up for a 15-20 minute wait. san jose traffic is -- 2 # 0 and 85 are doing well. let's go back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. a 24 hour san rafael safeway store set to reopen soon after a fire closed it over night. alex savidge is joining us now to explain how the fire could have been even worse. >> reporter: the store just row opened a couple minutes ago. the reason it closed is because of a fire that was here near the loading dock. it was a trailer that was parked here. it caught fire. this fire quite nearly spread to the store itself. that was the big concern. but crews got in here and they were able to contain it before that happened.
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these are photos that were tweeted out by the san rafael fire department. this fire started about 11:30 last night. that trailer that caught fire it happened a pressure washer inside of it that was being used to clean the store at the time. that trailer was destroyed but thankfully the flames didn't spread to the flammable and combustible materials that were inside the loading dock. that fire sent quite a bit of smoke into the store itself and that is why the safeway was forced to close for several hours. it was closed for about six hours or so. again i walked over to the front entrance and told by an employee the store is back open after this fire and again pam they are investigating exactly what caused the fire. >> good news is the store just
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opened. >> back open now. yes. >> thank you alex. 6:03 is the time right now. police are investigating an officer involved shooting after a car burglary suspect tried to hit a santa clara police officer with his car. it happened at 6:00 last night. right next to a gas station in sunnyvale. a santa clara police officer in an unmarked suv tried to pull over a white mercedes that matched the description of a car involved in several car burglaries nearby. the driver of that mercedes drove straight at one of officers that was standing by his car. >> all we know right now is he feared enough for his life that he was pinned between the two vehicles. >> the driver sped off and police are now looking for that white mercedes. the car would likely have bullet holes. meantime the officer involved has been put on paid administrative leave during the
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investigation. janine de la vega will have more on the investigation coming up at 6:30. time is 6:04. this physical lows protests last year. ktvu fox 2 paul chambers is live with what is expected to happen tonight. >> reporter: berkeley city council discussed issues that police dealt with last year during protests that caused out cry and injured some people. >> i was very surprised and concerned about what i think was the excessive force of the police and what was an over response. >> reporter: that was one of berkeley city council members back in december last year. referring to scenes like this when officers went tow to tow. they were protesting the
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killings of unarmed black men by police officers in new york and missouri. another one broke out when the mayor canceled his meeting. now tonight council will look into the officers actions in these incidents including the use of gas and rubber bullets on the crowd and some suggesting that council members are looking at is recommendations of officers wearing body cameras and use of dash board cameras on their vehicles. that meet willing be tonight at 7:00. it's said that some protestors might be out here before then. brian. >> all right paul chambers, thank you. medical marijuana dispensary can stay up and running while it defends itself
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in court. a federal judge has agreed to allow the dispensary to remain open pending a court ever hearing? the ninth circuit court of appeals will decide if berkeley can join the legal fight. >> to have the federal government come in and shut down the -- >> the are late is already ever -- that are lisle under state laws. a san francisco water manager faces a five-day suspension for allegedly urinating into a sierra foothills reservoir. coworkers saw martin sanchez urinating into the reservoir several times back in january. the reservoir normally holds water that is in the bay area. the reservoir had been drained
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at the time and there is no health danger to the public. this weekend's storm brought a lot of water to the bay area but what does it mean in terms of the drought? the water level jumped eight feet over the weekend. the water district says the reservoirs went from 38% full to 36% capacity but they are not exactly celebrating. reservoirs and under ground water storage is still below normal and we are still in a drought. >> it's just good to see the water in the reservoir. >> it was a good thing there was two storms one after another. the second one produced more run off into the reservoirs. >> east bay mud and the san francisco public utilities commission says the storms brought several inches of rain and boosted their reservoirs. still their biggest concern is warm temperatures and the snow pack that is at a third of what it should be. meantime the north bay has so much water right now from the storm officials say they have resorted to pumping some of it into the pay. the marin water district says
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they are at 98.4% of capacity. many lakes and reservoirs are starting to spill over from the storm so the water district is sending thousands of gallons a minute out into the bay. a san francisco ride sharing community is get into the delivery business. side car says they have been offering business in san francisco. but the services being offered in ten cities. it will match business deliveries with passenger sides through its. we need more snow in our mountains. there is snow fatigue in the east coast. one storm winding down another one gets ready to move in. coming up at 6:30 how boston is dealing with the more than five feet of snow that has fallen in less than a month. >> that serial stow away ended
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up in florida. her new trouble with the law . a little slow on the toll plaza. on the span itself it looks good into san francisco. >> i just stepped outside and it is noticeably cooler. it is ever we'll show you atn't the high temps.
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the transgent ere gender community has declared today a day of action in honor of a transgender ever woman killed. the suspect later reportedly killed himself. taja's mother says she always feared for her daughter's safety and now has a message for other parents. >> whatever your kids are going through, just love them. just love them. because it cobe a very cruel place. your kids need to know that you have their back. that you love them no matter what. >> organizers say more needs to be done to protect and provide services for transgender. they plan to hold a rally at 1:30 this afternoon at city hall. some protestors plan to speak at the board of supervisors meeting. alabama was set to become
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the 37th state in the u.s. to allow gay marriage but several counties in the state are refusing to issue marriage licenses to same sex couples. this is what it looked like. the line outside the marriage license office in mobile, alabama. people waited for hours to only find out the office would not open. the u.s. supreme court denied to block gay marriage. >> very disturbing to see our tax dollars being wasted. >> 60 of alabama's 67 counties are complying with the chief justices order in defiance of the federal court ruling. that has some gay couples traveling to county where is they can get legally married. we are getting new details on the bay area woman caught several times trying to board flights without a ticket. maryland hardman just made ore
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first court appearance on florida. officials say she somehow got on to a flight are minnesota to florida without a ticket on sunday. she then checked into a luxury resort near jacksonville under another guests name. you will remember she has previously been arrested at san francisco international. historic artifacts from the -- after they were found, tucked i way in argument. perhaps -- take a look at this image captured on the hubble space telescope. that is cute. it looks like a smiley face.
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the glowing eyes are two distant galaxies. the pull is so strong it distorts time and space around them. resulting in that smile. the ring like structure forming the face is an einstein ring. >> i love space. i love talking about it. >> i feel left out i never seen a religious figure in my coffee or piece of toast. i guess i haven't been lucky. >> well, i mean -- >> you know see things in a piece of toast. >> but this was smiley face. i guess i saw it now. >> here on channel 2 you saw it. >> that is right. we are doing okay. thinking is a decent tuesday
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start for the morning commute as we take a live look at interstate 880. things are doing okay. we've had a couple minor accidents. there are no problems on the bridge as we take a look at the south bay. we did have a minor accident northbound 280. 85 and 280 are still doing very well. i want to remind you that highway # at 35 opened. did a good job in opening it. it was supposed to be closed until today but they opened it last night ahead of schedule. and now you can drive as normal on that busy santa cruz mountains highway. let's go to steve in the weather center. >> i saw one in my coffee. >> what did you see? >> same thing you saw. thank you, sir. you're on fire this morning. we do have mostly clear skies.
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the lows are colder. there are a few 30s out there. yesterday was really mild to warm. and today will be mostly sunny. the only fly in the ointment might be higher clouds coming from baja again. that wouldn't be until sunday. it will be warmer as we get into mid weekend. a few high clouds. they are taking aim to the knot. patchy fog. cooler lows. high clouds. mild to warm. a little bit more in the way of high clouds to the north. over all look at the lows more 40s. yesterday was 55-60. today we're a far cry from that. much cooler lows. especially those inland which were amazingly warm yesterday. 48 morgan hill and gilroy. tomorrow i think you will see more in the 50s.
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the breeze is not that strong. thank goodness it's tied down. it is showing a component of being a little northerly for most. visibility continues to be very good. the fog not a big issue yet. you can see our system as it looks good. it looks good if you are up in oregon. dry pattern. but by tomorrow that is when high pressure kicks in and temperatures will warm up. it's a dry pattern. i will show you there is no rain coming in. everything goes up and over the ridge of high pressure. watch what happens on sunday. this might be amended a little bit. morning fog. cooler this morning. a little bite if you will to the morning air.
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mostly sunny. 60s and 70s. we will pencil in 70 for clearlake. 66 novato. kentfield at 65. mill valley in there. 68 for brent wood and antioch. 67 oakland. everyone really close here. slight warmup for a few. san jose at 67. we will go 60s on the coast. mid to upper 60s on the peninsula. and tomorrow even if the lows are cooler, temperatures will warm up. we'll take that into the end of the week. mid 70s. possibility of clouds coming in on sunday. next rain middle of next week. >> so forget about tahoe, head to santa cruz beach board walk. >> why not? it's warm enough. >> i hear from people that are up in the tahoe area and say we are giving up. we are hiking. mountain biking. why hot? >> thank you so much. new this morning we are learning more about this year's
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we day in california. it's on february 25th at the sap center in san jose. this is video from the first ever we day in california last year at oracle arena. i was there. it was so much fun. thousands of local students will earn their tickets by committing to take action on lowball issues that they care about. >> that is awesome. 6:21 is the time. a baby just incredible story. doctors say was born pregnant. in 23 minutes the unusual and rare case out of hong kong. >> but first a new warning about isis. militants may try to kidnap more international hostages.
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(mom) i'd feed my kids turkey tacos over regular tacos any day. (woman) i think that they're light and they're just fresh tasting. (vo) it's time for a better taco. (kid) the tacos tonight were pretty much perfect. (vo) make the switch. look for jennie-o ground turkey at a store near you. welcome back to mornings on 2. people evacuated because of a destructive fire in the sierra nevada they are thousand being allowed to return home. the fire started five days ago. it was fueled by very strong winds the fire destroyed 30 homes. four firefighters suffered minor injuries. at this point the fire is 95% contained. president obama could ask congress as early as today to
6:25 am
allow u.s. military forces to fight islamic state militants in iraq and syria. there is generally support in congress to give congress the power to go after isis but the wording of the authorization is going to be the sticking point. most republicans favor an all out fight against isis. many democrats however are hesitant to go that far. it will be the first war vote in congress in 13 years. back in 2002 congress passed a resolution authorizing then president bush to use force against iraq. that is a vote many have regretted. new intelligence shows isis has been a developing plan to kidnap more international hostages. there are concerns that the group will try to target refugee camps just across the border from syria. >> very plausible scenario that isis could move to the refugee camps and the turkish syrian border and target and isolate a
6:26 am
western aid worker or try to conduct a kidnapping and pull them into syria. >> the fate of 26-year-old american aid worker and isis hostage kayla muller remains unknown. muller died in an air strike but jordan says that is propaganda. oakland police hope to get new leads in a double homicide that happened near a church last month. officers handed out fliers. the fliers have pictures of a car that may have been used in the killings. it is described as a light blue four-door mercury sable. witnesses say they saw it racing north. a reward is now being offered for information that leads to an arrest. it is 6:26. and an east bay pizza delivery woman robbed, kidnapped, and
6:27 am
sexually assaulted in broad daylight. the person arrested that makes this case even more disturbing. >> police are investigating a shooting involving an officer from another south bay city. why the officer fired at a vehicle and the suspect who is still at large. >> highway 4 the east bay commute getting kind of thick here as you can see coming out of the pittsburgh area on the way to concord. also looking at a big bay bridge backup. we'll have that coming up. >> noticeably cooler this morning. a lot of 40s and a few 30s. high temps are on their way to warming up. ♪ food is more than just a meal. ♪
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good morning. thank you for joining us here. we're having a lot of fun. >> we're being silly. >> yes, we are. tuesday, february 10th i'm brian flores in for dave clark. >> good morning, i'm pam cook.
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>> we are talking valentines day. >> i know. we were speaking to a high school class and they said what goes on during commercial breaks? i say a lot of silliness. you have to keep your mood up. >> absolutely. and this weekend looks fabulous. it does. we are looking far lot cooler lows though this morning. much cooler. good 10-15-degrees. there is the little chill in that morning air. patchy fog. really i thought there would be a little bit more. there is some but not a lot. mostly sunny. mild to warm on these temps. a lot of high clouds moving in if you are far enough to the north. for us it will be mostly sunny and partly cloudy. san jose is in there as well.
6:31 am
livermore 41. these are way down. we were mid 50s to 60s. it's close for calistoga. not much of a breeze. there is a slight component of an easterly or northerly breeze. livermore to hayward. a slight offshore push. the higher elevations haven't warmed up yet. they will today. that will translate into 70s. patchy fog. cooler chilly lows. mostly sunny. highs in the 60s. a couple of very low 70s. tomorrow we'll see a lot more. all right sal. i don't want to jinx it but normal traffic here. >> normal traffic. there is a couple things going on steve that we've learned about. first of all i want to show you the traffic at the bay bridge is getting a lot busier. it's coming up and spilling around the mccarthur maze. we are having a slightly busier than normal backup. 25-30 minutes before you actually make it on to the bridge. and there is a crowd the backup on the span. i wanted to talk about contra costa county. southbound 680 there is a crash
6:32 am
that is is in the lanes. they are trying to move it out now but traffic will be slow. there is also some slow traffic here on 242 and on 680 it begins to slow right after 242. please give yourself extra time if this is your commute. also moving over to the 580 commute. 580 is slow off the altamont pass. it's slow in livermore and slow on 680 south. out of pleasanton heading down to fremont. the time is 6:32. let's go back to the desk. police in sunnyvale are still looking for a car who's driver reportedly tried to run down an officer last night. it resulted in an officer involved shooting. janine de la vega is joining us live from sunnyvale to tell us where police are at in their investigation. police are searching for a white mercedes sedan it may have bullet holes in it. that is a vehicle that a police officer shot at here at el
6:33 am
camino and wolf road. this all unfolded around 6:00. officers were investigating a burglar trying to break into cars. they followed the suspects vehicle which was the white mercedes sedan into the city of sunnyvale. they pulled it over and one of the officers pulled in front of the mercedes and approached that mercedes. investigators say that is when the mercedes sped toward the officer and the officer fired his gun multiple times toward it. >> all we know that is that he feared enough for his life that he would be pinned between the two vehicles. he decided to take the force that he didn't shoot at the vehicle. we'll know more. to find out everything that occurred. >> reporter: another officer on the scene in the marked patrol vehicle chased the mercedes northbound on wolf road but lost it. they are hitting up this investigation. they are unsure how many people were in the mercedes and working to see if they have a license plate number for it. detectives are looking for any
6:34 am
surveillance video that may involve the shooting and the chase. and they are also looking for witnesses to come forward on this case because they can really use some help. >> thank you. new this morning a 24 hour safeway store in san rafael just reopened recently but that is after an over night fire forced it to shut down. alex savidge is joining us now to talk about the fire. they are trying to figure out how it started. >> reporter: yes, they are. forecasts we can tell you they were battling flames near the store's loading dock where they are this morning. that is where a trailer that was parked in this area caught fire over night. the real concern was this fire potentially spreading to the store itself. crews were able to get in here quickly and stopped that from happening. let me show you photos that were tweeted out by the san rafael fire department when they were called out here.
6:35 am
this fire started around 11:30 last night. the trailer that caught fire they had a pressure washer inside of it. the trailer itself was destroyed we can tell you the fire sent quite a bit of smoke into the store. fire investigators trying to figure out what caused that trailer to catch fire. >> hopefully they will get more clues. 6:35 is the time. the lights are finally back on for people in the bay area that lost power during the weekend storms. high winds of course caused several tries to fall into homes and power poles. the weekend storms knocked out power to nearly 163,000 customers. but we spoke to pg&e this morning. they tell us all of the storm related outages have been restored. now some say the outage certainly an inconvenience but
6:36 am
others they found a way to make it fun. >> it was fun. we were having dinner by candle light. >> candle light is always nice. the hardest hit areas north bay and peninsula. pg&e brought in crews from oregon and washington and arizona. people on the east coast are digging out from a major snowstorm. the massachusetts transportation authority has to spend it all rail service to give clean up crews time to catch up. schools are also shut down and people are being encouraged to work from home.
6:37 am
the crash happened around 9:00 last night. the vehicles involved in the crash included four tractor trailers, two box trucks, and a fully loaded bus. the crash is under investigation but police say icy roads likely played a major role in the crash. a small nonprofit service that works with cancer parents in san francisco's mission district is being forced to move after losing its lease. they have been in the same building for more than ten years. now the space is being taken over by its neighbor mobile app tech company double dutch which is expanding. the landlord told the nonprofit that its lease is not being renewed and have to move out by march 31st. it has not been able to find an affordable space convenient for its clients. >> we are in the safe place if for our clients. because some of our services will occur at night. and you know will our clients
6:38 am
need to take two or three buss to get to us. >> the landlord vera court tells us space is is limited if the building and it would be much easier for the small nonprofit to find another space rather than double dutch which has 150 employees. the nonprofit says it may hold a sit in on the day the lease expires. double dutch is offering to help circulo financially. a legal win for an east bay pot club. what a federal judge's ruling means for the immediate future of the business. >> temporary ban on tear gas. that is what the city council will discuss tonight. >> we're getting a lot slower on some of those these bay area bridges. you can see traffic is building up as you head over to the other side. we'll run it down for you. >> much colder lows. napa airport dipped to 38. fit feels colder to you, it is. a lot of 40s here instead of 50s and 60s.
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welcome back to mornings on 2. the man suspected of killing a universityover virginia student has reportedly been officially charged with her murder. hannah graham went missing december 13th after she was spotted on surveillance camera at a charlottesville mall. her body was found a month
6:42 am
later. he was charged with kidnapping graham. police in virginia are scheduled to hold a news conference this morning to release more details about the charges. authorities are also investigating whether he could be connected to strange of unsolved killings and disappearances in the area. a 17-year-old is in custody for the robbery and rape of a pizza delivery driver in antioch. the 22-year-old driver tells police she went to deliver pizza at a home on blue bell circle sunday morning. that is where a man pulled a gun and ordered her back in the car. police say he told her to drive to another location where the woman was raped. photos of the teenager in custody appeared on the website. >> mentally and emotionally i'm sure it's imherbable. >> reporter: the company is hock shocked and horrified by
6:43 am
what happened and will work to support the victim. changes may be coming to the tactics berkeley police used during violent patrol protests. paul chambers is live with what will happen tonight. >> reporter: good morning, pam. this is the third time berkeley city council will try to tackle this issue. it surrounds issues dealing with last years riot. they hope to come up with solutions and discuss the issues. now this was the scene back in december when berkeley police deployed some sort of gas or smoke as well as rubber bullets on the crowd. the people gathered to protest the killings of unarmed black men. things took a turn when the protestors went from peaceful to destruction. some threw rocks and items at
6:44 am
police. a journalist ended up protestors breaking windows and property in the area. another one broke out after the mayor canceled a meeting after a credible threat of protestors disrupting and harming police and others. >> push for an investigation into the warehouse use of force against protestors. >> another thing they will recommend is body cameras and installed dash cameras inside their vehicles. that meeting will be tonight at 7:00. back to you in the studio. >> we'll certainly keep an eye on that. thank you. 6:44 is the time. doctors in hong kong are reporting that they removed two fetuses from the abdomen of a
6:45 am
three week old girl that was basically born pregnant. this photo and study was released in the hong kong medical journal. at first they thought the newborn had a pair of tumors in her abdomen. but then they determined the growth was twin fetuses only 8- 10 weeks old. the fetuses simply went to the wrong place. the study says this condition occurs once in every 500,000 births and there have been 200 documented cases of this. time now is 6:45. it's time to check in with tori campbell. >> good morning, brian and pam. coming up in our next hour, could you take a tech time out? a local high school is doing that. hundreds of students have committed to avoid all technology for three days. the reason this school is taking on the nationwide
6:46 am
challenge. >> and meeting of to super stars playing warrior hoop. pretty cool story. those are the stories we're working on. now back to you. >> that is a pretty cool story. >> love that story. just in time for valentines day a visitor at crater of diamond state park found a two carat rock. it is the only public site in the world where for a small fee you can dig for diamonds and keep them. the park says this is the largest diamond that they have found this year. >> wow. all right where is this again? >> arkansas. >> we have to go to arkansas to dig for diamonds. it sounds like a fun family
6:47 am
vacation. sal. yeah for you. i don't think your kids would like it. >> if they found a diamond they would. >> okay. i guess you are right. [ laughter ] good morning. let's go out and see what we have. let's go right to the traffic cameras. i want to she you the traffic here at the toll plaza is very slow. it's spilling out beyond the mccarthur maze. 25-30 minute delay. no major problems on the bridge itself. there is a big delay. tuesday one of the busiest days of the week. let's go to the san mateo bridge where traffic is moderately heavy. it is heavy all the way out. visibility is good all the way out to the bay shore freeway. i can see the high-rise from this which is not always the case. let's talk about westbound 580. i want to remind you that southbound 680 there clearing an accident to the side. they cleared it to the talk scale. traffic has backed up into
6:48 am
concord on 680. at 6:47 the weather now with steve. i was just telling pam that both of us had minimal sleep last night. it's tough but it's part of the game. >> try and get some coffee. liquid courage. >> napa has dipped to 38. but the lows are the big stories. cold this morning. well for us. let's face it, it hasn't been that cold. compared to 24 hours ago. the pattern is changing back to a dry one and a warmer one. colder lows this morning. mostly sunny. warming up 70s. lots of sun tomorrow. a warm afternoon will take us into friday, saturday. only might be sunday with high clouds that come in. it's too far away but there are hints of it. but we do have this system topping over so mostly sunny in the morning and turning partly
6:49 am
cloudy. patchy fog is really not much. i thought there would be a little bit more. there is signs of it. 60s to a few low 70s. mostly clear. most locations say clear. i think we will get partly cloudies in the north bay. there is the 38 at napa. 41 livermore. half-moon bay has picked up a little breeze. santa rosa low 40s. i know there is a couple 30s near lake county. low 40s wood side hanging in if there. menlo park palo alto. upper 40s to mid 40s for most. statewide colder up in the mountains. yesterday was in the mid 30s. 46 sacramento. and also monterey. that is noticeably cooler than yesterday. there is the system it looks good. it's heading north. high pressure builds in. it will deflect everything to the north. morning fog very little. dry this week and dry until the
6:50 am
middle of next week. tomorrow we will start the warmup. today is the transition day. patchy fog but cooler lows. mostly sunny. high clouds thickening up to the north. mostly sunny elsewhere. 60s and 70s. we go 70 in st. helena. 60s for san rafael and kentfield and nevada. same for antioch and brentwood. 67 to walnut creek. clayton 67. same for san jose. low 70s gilroy to santa cruz. 60s for many including the peninsula. upper 60s redwood city. we do get patchy fog but otherwise warmer. mid 70s thursday and friday. >> normal temperatures would be what? >> 59-63 i think. the lows are 39-46. at least those are close today. >> in the stores i see clearance of snow gear and
6:51 am
jackets and bathing suits are out. >> why not move that? you have to move that merchandise. >> steve, thank you so much. brian williams out of the anchor chair for now after an uproar over false war stories. now reaction and questions about whether he will be back. >> he was pointing the gun at me. i got off the car and ran. >> a car theft suspect leaves los angeles police on a wild chase. how it all came to an end on live tv. why do we do it? why do we spend every waking moment, thinking about people?
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welcome back everybody. a car theft suspect led police on a wild chase in los angeles. during the chase yesterday the driver crashed the getaway car, got out and tried to carjack the driver behind him. he couldn't get the door open so he ran toward another car. >> he just came up to me and pointed the gun at me and told me to get out of my car. and he took off with it. >> so scary there. the chase came to an end when the man got stuck in traffic. got out of the car and tried to carjack someone else. police opened fire shooting the man several times. his condition is not known this morning. former rap mogul knight will stay behind bars. knight has been charged with
6:55 am
murder, attempted murder, and hit and run. prosecutors and knight's attorney asked for a delay yesterday saying they need more time to prepare. prosecutors say they are working on new defense. and ran over two men killing one of them. tmz reports knight went to the set because he was not happy about his portrayal in the film. manson's bride to be was only marrying him so she could have access to his body after he died. according to the new york post, manson called off the wedding that he learned his 26-year-old fiance wanted to put his body on display after he died and charge people money to view his corpse. journalist who is writing a book on manson has spoken exclusively to the convicted
6:56 am
killer says manson was being played for a fool. he also believes the idea is ridiculous because he will never die. the lead guitarist of journey says he got ripped off by the stay of san francisco after his wedding. now he filed a lawsuit on friday in san francisco. he initially agreed to pay $58,000 but then forced to pay more than $240,000 for a permit less than a week before the wedding. the city says that the fees were increased when the city found out the couple planned to show their wedding live on paper view television. shh. not in front of the tv. it's a phrase you could say in your home now that samsung has revealed the potential for smart tvs to ease drop. the companies privacy policy for its voice recognizing smart televisions warns users not to
6:57 am
discuss sensitive information around their devices. that is because that information could be transmitted to a third party. samsung claims the data collection is aimed at improving tv performances and consumer privacy is very important. users can disable the voice recognition feature. events in the at & t pebble beach national pro am get under way today. they are competing for $100,000 to be donated to local charities. competitors include steve young, jerry rice, brent jones, buster posey, matt cane. look at that he's playing pool. i should try that when putting. bruce botchy will be there as well. joe fanzi will be there as well. he will show us all the fun highlights and events. look at this shot. >> almost. i would love to play pebble beach. i'm a terrible golfer but just
6:58 am
to say i played there. >> it's a lot of money to play there. >> money i don't have. coming up caught with his pants down. the scandal over the actions of a san francisco water manager at a reservoir where millions of people get their drinking water. >> also a santa claire real police officer tried to pull over a car burglary suspect but police say the driver made a bold and dangerous move that forced them to open fire. ♪ since 1971, what's made us different has made us great. we invented low-fares and made sure bags fly free.
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and now our bold new look puts our heart front and center for everyone to see. others follow the pack. we'll follow our heart. because at southwest bold is in our blood. ♪ we're live in sunnyvale where police are searching for a car peculiar they say they were forced -- a car burglar they say they were forced to shoot out.
7:00 am
a fire at a safeway. the damage it caused to force the doors to be closed overnight. good morning. it is 7:00. we're live in san rafael, where this 24-hour safeway was closed overnight. a fire started in a trailer in the loading dock right here. a lot of smoke got into the store. coming up in minutes, alex savidge will have more on the fire and the efforts that kept the flames from spreading. welcome back to "mornings on 2." i'


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